Discussion group description

I see Nonviolent Communication as alive and growing, and I choose to participate in the continued aliveness/evolution of consciousness and technologies of compassionate connection, inspired by and continuing Marshall Rosenberg’s work.

What I specifically want is a community I resonate with. One I recognize as interested in doing the kind of play/work I want to do. So, this group is about:

The group is not about rehearsing the standard OFNR/empathy form as done in some other online groups (though we could test its effectiveness here).

Warning: this group is facilitated and moderated. Rather than just accept or reject, I’ll suggest improvements and wait for another submission. Or I may suggest a different forum if I see a big mismatch with this one. If you object to moderation, you might be happier participating in a different group.

I offer a reminder of Marshall’s recommendation to use few words, since the more words we use to express something, the less likely we are to be heard. If, like me, you like to ramble on in order to find out what you want to say, then please do so in a private journal and/or with another person, and then condense and organize before emailing.

I’m interested in an intelligible record of our conversations. When I facilitate a seminar, I interrupt when someone goes off-topic, reveals a misunderstanding, or is using more words than I want to hear about a given idea. Likewise, I may interrupt a post, extracting just a portion for public posting.

If NVC Evolves grabs you, please also check out Emergence of NVC (a Life-inspired, self-organizing vision to support learning, living, sharing, and evolving Nonviolent Communication) and the corresponding discussion group.