To comment on a blog post, clicking on the comment link at the end of a blog post. The link says how many comments there are so far (e.g., “No Comments” or “2 Comments”. You’ll then get to a page for just the one blog post and an empty box at the bottom titled “Leave a Reply”. If you’re not registered and logged in (see below), you can type in your name, email address, and your comment. Then click on the “Submit Comment” button.

If you want to make commenting more convenient for yourself (skip the name & email info) or you want create new blog posts of your own, you’ll have to register and log in. It’s not very obvious how to do that, so here I’ll walk you through the steps.

  • Look for the “Register” link under the “Meta” heading in the column on the right. (Or click here.)
  • Type in your user name and email address. I’d sure appreciate your using your own real first name, and your last if you like.
  • Check your email for two messages from “wordpress”. If you don’t see them, check your spam folder. One will contain the user name you provided, a new password, and a link you can click on to log in. Before clicking on the link, copy the password.
  • After clicking on the log-in link, you’ll find yourself at the “Dashboard” page. You might want to click on “Update your profile or change your password”.
  • In any case, you can click on “View site” next to the blog title at the top of the page.

Another time you visit the blog, look under “Meta” in the right column, and look for “Login” or “Logout”. If you see “Login”, click on it and enter your name and password. You’ll get to the Dashboard page, as in the registration directions above. If you see “Logout”, you’re set to go.